Digital solutions tailored to your needs

Web solutions deployed in Cloud or On-Premise, applications for mobiles or desktops, CMS or ERP connectors, tools designed for industrial or commercial companies, you name it we do it.

For over 20 years, our method has never changed. We listen to you, we analyse, we immediately provide a testable version and brick by brick we improve the solution until you succeed.


How we do it

A privileged contact, an adapted solution

Tools For Business is based on a development toolkit designed and developed by its creator. Based on technologies mainly centered on Microsoft environments, on proven security concepts as well as on development tools and languages recognized by the market, this toolkit allows Tools For Business to answer any type of IT problem. This powerful internal tool is constantly evolving thanks to a continuous technology monitoring that guarantees the use of the latest technologies.

For more than 20 years, its founder has advocated a human and client-oriented approach. This approach, perfected thanks to numerous successes, allows Tools For Business to perfectly satisfy the needs of its clients. Here are some highlights of this approach:

Do you face complex human constraints or have internal communication problems?

We practice double-hatting, through the popularisation of complex subjects we can communicate with both managers and operational staff.

We know how to adapt to your technical constraints. A restrictive and rigid ERP? An ageing but essential database? An on-premise server?

We are used to dealing with big constraints. There is always a solution.

Your business is complex and requires specific expertise?

Our clients operate in a wide variety of fields. To remain competitive, we work with recognised experts to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Do you have budget constraints? You are all too familiar with IT projects taking a long time to complete and whose costs are not under control.

Our priority is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients. Our pricing approach reflects this. We rely on your success to fuel our own

An IT project involves many actors. At each stage, you are often put in touch with a different individual.

With us, you are guaranteed to have direct contact with the person who developed your tool.

You don't have the time to write technical specifications or you don't have the expertise?

We assist you in expressing your needs and quickly provide you with an initial version. This gives you an immediate and concrete overview of your project.

Who We Are

Our priority is that you become our pride

Our Story

We are in the 80's in Paris, Christophe Payen, then in high school, opens for the first time the Byte magazine straight from the United States, The C Language. It was the beginning of a captivating professional adventure.

For several years, Christophe worked in IT companies as a developer for clients such as Elf, Gibert Joseph, PMU and the French Army in a wide variety of fields: Geomarketing, Asset Management, Accounting, CAD, etc. Each project was an opportunity for him to improve his skills and, above all, to be in direct contact with the client.

Armed with these experiences, he will recognise recurring needs and will design an approach to address them in the best possible way. Always flexible and always reachable, his clients have a real interest in his human and direct contact.

Christophe then decided to capitalise on his strengths and started his own business. He develops a toolkit that gathers the key functionalities shared by his former missions. Project after project, his toolkit grew and became his main technical asset.

His concept worked and for more than 20 years new clients came and went by word of mouth. Start-ups, such as Falcon Group, now a leading financial services company, are interested in his adaptability and his ability to understand very specific business needs. Large companies, such as Total or Société Générale, see it as a way of developing projects efficiently without going through the traditional and restrictive channels of their business.

Driven by a desire to transmit and share his method, Christophe created Tools For Business. This new company will enable him to inject a new dynamic of growth to respond to ever more ambitious projects.

Tools For Business will continue to evolve its toolkit knowing that it can benefit a larger number of companies and become a recognized help in the market.


Providing a solution to a customer is not just about solving a technical problem.
It is fundamental to take into account the business objectives and the wishes of the end-users in order to design a solution that satisfies all needs while being easy to use without being simplistic.

Where we work

International experience, from offices to factories

Not yet convinced?

Let our customers convince you

Some of our achievements

Matrix Operations – Web Plateform On Premise

Falcon Group - London, UK - Finance


In 2008, the startup Falcon Group called on Christophe's services to set up an internal platform for managing complex financial flows. The first version of the platform was operational in 6 months and has since been constantly enriched with new features. The platform has contributed to the dazzling success of Falcon, which in a few years has become a significant actor in the world of finance.

Key figures:
- Platform created in 2008, still in use in 2023,
- Used in 6 countries with over 100 users,
- The platform has managed more than $30bn in contracts to date.

Victor & Victoria - Web platform in SaaS mode

Gilles & Boissier - Paris, France - Architecture, interior design and graphic design agency

At the time of the launch of its luxury furniture range, Gilles & Boissier needed to put in place a tool that was available very quickly for its commercial management and production monitoring.
Having neither the structure nor the time to set up and use a standard ERP system, G&B turned to Tools for Business, which offered them an operational solution within a few weeks. Today, the platform covers all commercial activities, including e-commerce, as well as production monitoring for its various production workshops. This solution is in constant evolution.

Key figures:
- Largest catalogue launch of the year,
- More than 100 projects shared on the Victoria platform,
- More than 40 operational modules.

Production line pilot

Ionisos Group - Sablé Sur Sarthe, France - Sterilisation by ionisation (gamma rays)


Ionisos has been specialising in sterilisation, preservation and reticulation for over 50 years.
In 2005, Ionisos wanted to replace its "Pilot" software, which automatically manages the production line, as it had reached the end of its cycle. During its call for tenders, Ionisos chose Christophe, as he was the only one to propose a solution without stopping production.
Thanks to his approach, Ionisos did not record a single day of downtime during the various development phases. In 2023, the software continues to evolve.

Key figures:
- Solution implemented 2005,
- 0 days of downtime during the design and production phases,
- 0 days of downtime related to the application since it was put into production,
- Application operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CS Liaigre – Web Plateform On Premise

Liaigre - Paris, France - Interior design


Liaigre is a French interior design company that has developed an activity of selling luxury furniture, especially custom-made.
As part of its international development, Liaigre asked Tools for Business to develop a platform that would bring together all the services required for a showroom.
The "CS Liaigre" platform has continuously evolved and today has more than 50 modules from retail, production monitoring to after-sales service management and is used in more than 8 countries, including the United States with some 20 sales outlets.

Key figures:
- The application is in use in 8 countries,
- More than 100 users,
- Over 50 operational modules.

We have also worked in the following areas:

- Retail trade,
- Inventory management,
- Resource management,
- Badge production (photo and encoding),
- Visitor management,
- Meeting room management,
- Project/cost management (Gantt, calendar),
- Access control connector,
- CMS,
- CRM,
- ERP,
- CAD,
- Salesforce, Dynamics connectors,
- Microsoft Cloud Suite (Azure, Power Apps, Power BI),
- Industrial printer programming (Zebra, Honeywell),
- Industrial terminal programming (Psion),
- Supervision tools

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